Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The weeks fly by. . .

. . .really, this week has flown by!
We have had a busy but fun week.

We have been very excited that it is not below zero here anymore, well for now :-)
Infact today was a record high of 61 degrees. But tomorrow is going to be cold again.
At least we had one warm day to give us hope that we will have warm weather again. . .in like 3 months.

Anyways, the boys actually had a chance to go outside and try out their new scooters that their Grandma Olsen gave them for Christmas.
They had so much fun!

We also have been able to have this cute little guy
at our house a couple times this week.

I have watched this neighbor boy this week,
and Seth LOVED it!
He just loved having a little friend to play with while Isaac was at school.
Seth gets bored some days when Isaac is at school and we stay home.
He is getting to the age where he is liking to play with other
kids. He does play really good on his own, but it was fun to watch him play with a younger little boy.

When I look at this picture it just reminds me that my little Baby Seth is not a baby any more, he looks so big in this picture.
Time sure goes by fast, enjoy each day!



jill s said...

i agree...yesterday was WONDERFUL!! we played in the backyard for 3 1/2 hours! the kids slept GREAT last night!! :)

it won't be long and spring will be here! i took some pics of my daffodils already peeking up out of the ground! i need to post them!

i hope you have a great week!

ladybug143 said...

We have been having the same nice warm breaks in the weather! I love it, but it makes me more anxious for spring!