Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You had a Birthday Shout Hooray!!

I have been pretty busy with Primary stuff lately! It is really fun but does take up most of my free time. So blogging has been put on the back burner this week.
I am still here, just really busy :-)

Today, Ashlee one of my counselors came over to my house and we made our Primary Birthday gifts for the year.
As a primary presidency we were wanting to give the children Birthday Presents but had only $1 per child to spend. So this is what we came up with:

A birthday Coupon:
for the child to go and say HI to the Bishop and then he gives them a candy.
The kids LOVE doing this, we have such a great Bishop who loves to get to know the children in the ward.

Picture Frame Magnet:
this picture frame has the Primary yearly theme and scripture on it and will fit a 4" 6" picture. We were thinking they could put a picture of there family in it.
We didn't want to waste the middle part of the magnet so we put part of the Proclamation to the family in it and cut it out.

Scripture marking Pencil:
We wanted the children to have their own marking pencil, to encourage them to read and mark their scriptures.

We then put these all in a clear goodie bag and tied it with a ribbon and a little Happy Birthday message from us. They took us about 2 hours to put them together. But that was ok, we had a good time talking and hanging out together.



Gabbitas Family said...

So cute! What a perfect idea for kids. It's more than one thing. Who cares you only had a $1 to spend on them. They will feel so special!

Vanessa said...

that is such a great idea to have the kids get candy from the bishop! I bet they feel so special doing it!

Michelle Y said...

These turned out so cute! You are doing such a wonderful job, so glad my kids will each get one of these fun goodie bags later this year.

Margo said...

This is one of the cutest ideas. You are perfect for your calling.