Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Curious George . . .

Today was our
'Tuesday Story Time'
Every Tuesday I pick a book out to read to the boys and then we do activities to go along with it.

Today we read:
Curious George: Gets a Job

by Margret and H.A. Rey

After we read the book the boys colored and made George Masks.
I found them here:

We then made chocolate covered bananas and banana smoothies for our snack.

Here is how I made the
Chocolate Covered Bananas:
-cut bananas in half
-stick a sucker stick(you can get them at Michaels) into the banana
-put the bananas in a tupperware then put in the freezer
-after a couple of hours the bananas should be frozen
-melt chocolate slowly (do not over cook) I use Hershey's bliss chocolate
-dip or spoon chocolate over the frozen bananas one at a time
- immediatly shake sprinkles on the chocolate covered banana
-put the bananas back in the freezer for 5 min or you can store them for a day or two.
(I like to bag mine individually with a sucker bag)

Seth enjoyed eating all of the Chocolate off of his Banana. . .so much for trying to make it healthy :-)



lisa (lost pezhead) said...

what a fun thing!

Vanessa said...

you are such a good mom jessica!! And I can't believe Seth's hair! he has grown so much since the last time we saw you guys. :)

ali said...

AAH! Look at Seth's hair! What a cutie, I love it long and curly like that! Too bad he isn't a girl and you could let it get really long... Although, who's to say you can't anyway? ;)

Margo said...

You are the coolest mother. Your kids are so lucky. I agree with everyone else, I adore Seths hair. Where does he get those curls?

Liz said...

So cool and creative. I hope I can be just as good with my boys at that kind of fun stuff!

Denise said...

looks like fun! What a great idea.

Jessica said...

I have to confess that I do these activities with my boys so they don't get bored and destroy the house. :-) they are both so busy I have to be always thinking of ways to entertain them. Seth gets his curls from me, I had really curly hair when I was his age. Over the years it has become straighter I can get it curly if I put a tom of product in it.

ladybug143 said...

You are an amazing mom! I wish I have the motivation and such to do fun stuff every week! Lucky boys!

thepyles7 said...

very cute. I am teaching the kids how to pack. That should count for something.LOL