Sunday, April 26, 2009

Highlights from our Weekend

I love weekends,
however this past weekend was a bit stressful.
To preface. . .
Andy was on call all Saturday and worked the Radiology night shift Saturday night so he slept all Sunday. So I was pretty much a single mom this weekend. I know that a lot of you can totally relate to me on how that can make a weekend not so fun.

So, What kept us busy? Read on. . .

-I woke up at 5:30am Saturday morning so I could get in my 10 mile run (on the treadmill) for my 25 K training.
-Then, was in charge of our Wards Primary Activity which was on Saturday morning. The kids and I got to the church at 9:30 to set up the Activity. The Activity really went well, but because I was the only one knowing what was going on. . .it was very busy. I will write more about what we did after this list :-)
-It rained all day, so in order to get the boys out of the house we went to the Mall to see a movie. I should have realized that everyone had the same idea as me. The mall was crazy! We did get to see Monster vs. Aliens.
-the kids and I cleaned the house
-After putting the kids to bed I planned Sharing Time for Primary.
-The next day was church. So by 9am I had to have myself and both boys dressed and ready. Not an easy task!
- I had to stay after church for an interview and umm. . . well, Seth set off the Fire Alarm at church! I was totally humiliated!
-Came home from church at 2:00 pm totally exhausted! So I put a movie on for the boys and took a good nap :-)

What a weekend!
I thought that weekends were supposed to help refresh you for Monday, the start of a busy work week? If only that is how it was!

The yearly theme for Primary is My Eternal Family.
So, we based our Primary Activity on
Family Home Evening

We started out the activity by talking about why we have family home evening once a week and why it is so important. We also talked about how families are all different(one sibling, many siblings, one parent, grandparents)

We then divided the Primary kids into three groups and had a
'Ward Primary Family Home Evening'

The first group was the LESSON
We had this in a tent and talked about the Stories of Lehi and his family.

The Second group was the SONG and CRAFT
We had the kids make puppets of family members then sang the song
'Happy Family'

The third group was the making of a treat and the Activity.
We had a teacher show the kids all of the ingredients for Oatmeal cookies. And she explained that just like cookies need all the right ingredients to make good cookies, we need and rely on our family members for our family to be happy and to be able to be together forever.
While the cookies were baking, the kids played Article of Faith BINGO.

After each group had been to all three parts we joined all together and ate the yummy oatmeal cookies and had a closing prayer.
We then handed out a Family Night Assignment Wheel chart for each family.

Hopefully the kids all had fun, thankfully the activity really went smoothly!



Liz said...

I agree that weekends are seldom relaxing... At least you got the Sunday afternoon nap in:)

ali said...

yuck, I hate weekends without Jon

Lindsey said...

That activity looks like SO much fun! I would love to see a picture of the FHE wheel chart. Hopefully you can relax a little in Utah, geez girl!