Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Utah here we come. . .

We are getting everything packed and ready for yet another trip to
My younger brother Scott is getting married next week.
We are all very excited to be able to be with him and his bride, Abigail on their wedding day!
If you know my brother Scott you are welcome to attend their wedding open house in Provo.
for more info go to

For their wedding gift I wanted to give them something that they would remember and would be meaningful to them.
So for the last seven months I have been working on this. . .

a Recipe book
This recipe book has tried and true recipes from my mom, me, and relatives.
I typed in 120 recipes along with pictures in this hardbound book.
I really hope that they like it.

I made it from
It was actually very easy to put together.

I am pretty sure that I will have a ton of pictures to post of the wedding when we get back from Utah.


emilyy said...

I love that you made a cookbook for the wedding gift because I am working on the same thing right now. I have two family weddings coming up. I think it is the perfect gift for newlyweds

ali said...

do we get to see you?

The Butter Bunch said...

Thanks for the tip on TasteBook. I had never heard of that company. I have been wanting to put together a cookbook for sometime. I will have to give TasteBook a try.

Liz said...

That is such a great gift. I am sure that they will love it!