Saturday, May 9, 2009

25K - What do You Run For?

This is what I did this Morning:

2009 25 K Fifth Third River Bank Run

A Record Breaker
"Thank you to all the runners, walkers, and wheelers. This year's event had a record number of participants. Over 17,000 joined us... 38,000 watched, and 2000+ volunteered (and all in the rain!). What do you run for? We saw it all. "(off of the Race website)

This year the theme of the run was:
What Do You Run For?

my answer,
I Run for ME!
For my Health, my stress reliever, my own sense of accomplishment. I run to be a better ME!

This year was a little different then last years race.
Because of flooding, they had to redirect and change the course of the race. The new course had MANY STEEP HILLS, my legs will be really hurting tomorrow.
As soon as they blew the horn for the race to start,
it started POURING RAIN!
Everyone was head to toe wet, but the race went one!

I ended up crossing the finish line at
2 hours and 18 minutes
that averages a 8:53 mile time.
I am just happy that I finished the race!


Gabbitas Family said...

way to go!

Melinda and Matt said...

great job Jessica! I'm so impressed.

Liz said...

Good job!

Oh and running for yourself is so awesome. It is great to do something just for you and this is something that is good for you too! I'm proud of you! Maybe by next year i'll be able to run it...