Friday, May 29, 2009

Grandview Field Day

Is this school year really almost over?
This year went by way to fast!

I totally remember looking forward to
Field Day
when I was in Elementary school at
Scera Park Elementary School!

Isaac had his 1st Field day this morning.
Seth and I went to watch and cheer Isaac and his class on.
He has had such a fun year in Kindergarten and has made so many good friends.
I am really grateful that Isaac had such a wonderful teacher.
Mr. Neff made all of the children in his class matching shirts that say
'Mr. Neff's Cool class'.
They would wear these shirts on class field trips and other special school days.

After the morning Field Day
the school hosted a Family Picnic outside on the school grounds.
They had Free Ice Cream and the Grandville Middle school band was playing.
There were a lot of families enjoying the picnic and the nice weather.
Isaac and Seth loved it!

I asked Isaac how he liked his Field Day,
he said, "It was the BEST school day ever, we didn't even have to do any work!"
Ahhhhh. . .how I remember those carefree days!


Denise said...

what a FUNNY story about the raccoon!! I would have done the same thing!

darling pictures of the boys with summer haircuts!

Sarah said...

I used to love my field day as well. I am glad you all had such a lovely day. We look forward to seeing you next week. Wahoo