Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a Week. . .and the Racoon in our storage room

To start out,
Isaac lost both of his
The tooth fairy had double duty at our house.

The boys both got
and suckers!
(squinty eyes, that is what I get for taking pictures in direct sunlight)

Seth before hair cut
cute curls all over his head. . .

. . . Seth after hair cut
he is cute no matter what,
but I miss the curls!
They will grow back, the short hairstyle will be good for those hot sweaty days.

So, this might look like an innocent 'Hotel for Dogs' Computer game.
But let me tell you what this game caused:
this is a long story, but believe me it is a good one!

The night we got home from our trip to Utah the kids got a Hotel For Dogs computer game in a Wendy's happy meal.
With out me knowing, Andy tried to get this game to work on our MAC computer upstairs. However it did not work. So he went down stairs, and plugged in our old PC that we NEVER USE, that happened to be right by our storage room.

Anyways. . .

the next morning I went down stairs in our basement to check on everything since we had been out of town for a few days. As I walked down the stairs I heard a DOG growing, scratching, and barking. I thought that a window might be open and a dog was by it. But no window was open. Then I heard the dog growl again, and it totally freaked me out. It was coming from inside our house, in our basement, possibly in our storage room?

So I immediately start thinking the worst, right? Isn't that what mom's do?
I thought maybe someone had broken in our house and is hiding out with their dog in our storage room, what it could happen? Ok maybe not so probable.
I still didn't know what to do?

So I called Andy at work. We decided that I better call Animal control. I didn't want to open the door to the storage room to see what it was. What if the crazed animal jumped out at me. Yikes!
So I called Animal Control.
I held the phone up to the door so the lady from animal control could hear the animal in our storage room.
She told me that it was most likely a Raccoon or a Coyote. I am thinking, how in the world could a Coyote get into my storage room? So we decided on the phone that it was a Raccoon. We do have pipe openings in the storage room, I guess a Raccoon could get in?

I then called my friend, and told her what was going on.
She immediately called her dad, who I guess has had experience in catching wild animals.
He then out of the goodness of his heart, drove 30 minutes to come and remove this crazed Raccoon out of our storage room. When he came to the door, he was decked out in his animal catching gear (hat, long gloves, thick jacket, big boots, and a huge garbage can filled with Raccoon food) He was going to catch himself a Raccoon!

So he goes down in the storage room, to find NOTHING there!
However he could hear this animal howling, and growling too. After much thinking, I went down stairs with him to think of where this animal could be. When I bumped into Andy's desk, the computer mouse moved which caused the computer screen to come on. What did we see?
A dog on the computer screen who was howling, barking, and growling. Because Isaac had left the game on, and the dog had not been feed for a while and was hungry! I looked at my friends dad, he looked at me and we both started laughing!

Oh boy, did I feel stupid!

I called Animal Control back, and told them that we had taken care of the problem. I just could not tell them that the animal was really a computer game!

Calling Animal Control because of a Dog Computer game.
I will be teased for years to come. . .


Jamie Lamb said...

That was the funniest story I've heard in a looong time. I'm glad no one caught rabies!!!

Melissa said...

That is hilarious! So funny, really. I love the boys haircuts and I love your new blog design.

Sarah said...

Oh Jessica that is classic...thanks for the smile.

jill s said...

you need to submit that story to readers digest! you could get $100! here's the link!


seriously...that's the funniest thing ever! i'm so glad it wasn't really a wild animal though!

thepyles7 said...

That was a good one.... Thanks for the laugh!

Maggie said...

that's hilarious!

Liz said...

Oh my goodness Jessica...that is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh...and I promise not to tease you too much...:)

Vanessa said...

Oh Jessica, that was so funny. I'm glad it wasn't a real wild animal though!

Johnson Fam said...

This just gave me the biggest laugh! Thanks for sharing; I'm just rolling right now. :) Knowing how crazy raccoons are I don't blame you one bit for calling animal control.

Janelle Openshaw said...

That is hillarious! I am glad it wasn't a real wild animal :)