Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oceanside Vacation. . .

We just returned home from a Olsen Family summer vacation to
Oceanside, CA.
We met all of the Olsen family in Oceanside and we all stayed in a beautiful Beach House fit for all 18 of us!

Isaac and Seth were so excited to fly to California!
We even got to sit underneath an old airplane while we were waiting to get on the airplane, the boys loved that. :-)

The first day at the beach we all woke up early and went out and collected Seashells. It was so fun to actually find whole sea shells. We found two bags worth of sea shells!

We all went to Old Town in San Diego.
There we bought some old fashioned Taffy, and the kids had fun running around and getting wet in the water fountain.

To break up the beach days we all took a trip to
Sea World!
We saw fun shows,

touched starfish and Sting-rays,

and met Shamu up-close!

Seth Loved Shamu!

We all really loved playing and hanging out at the beach.
It was such a beautiful beach!

Andy and I took the boys on a walk on the long Oceanside Pier.
We got Ice cream and watched the fisherman catch some really big fish!

The last day we took a morning to go and see the US Midway Aircraft Carrier.
It was so neat and really HUGE!

Isaac and Seth really loved seeing all of the military airplanes and were able to even go inside them! It was a great learning day for all :-)

We are very grateful that we were able to go on this fun trip with Andy's family.
Vacations are rare for us, so we really took it all in and totally enjoyed every minute of it.
It was a great way to start off our summer.
Now that we are home it is back to real life responsibilities!


jill s said...

it looks like you guys had a blast!

ladybug143 said...

What great trip! I miss the ocean.

Tom said...
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