Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Temples Around The World-Primary Activity

The morning after we returned home from our Oceanside vacation,
Isaac and I had a primary activity. Luckily I was not completely in charge of this activity! One of my counselor's planned and did most of this quarterly activity. She did a great job!
The theme was:

'Temples from Around the World'

was the first station.
The kids learned all about the Mexico temple,
they then had a little lesson on how to speak Spanish,
then all played musical chairs with festive music playing.

was next.
The kids learned all about the Taiwan Temple.
Then were taught how to do Origami.

Salt Lake City
was the next Temple.
The kids were taught how the Salt Lake Temple was built and read different pioneer stories.
As they were talking and learning they passed around a jar to mix around. Inside the jar butter was being made.

At the ends of the activity the kids all had the butter they made and homemade bread. YUM! They loved it.

was the last station.
Here they learned all about the Hawain temple.
They then made flower necklaces.

Each child had their own Passport,
at each station they got a stamp on their passport.

This was really a very fun activity. The kids all had a great time!

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Liz said...

That looks like a great activity! I'm sure the kids had a great time with it.