Sunday, June 28, 2009

What we have been UP too. . .

We have been keeping ourselves busy these last couple of weeks.
But yet we still are enjoying the quiet times of sunshine and summer weather.

Here some fun activities that we have been doing to keep our Summer exciting and refreshing!

Both Isaac and Seth went to a couple of Birthday Parties for their friends.
One birthday party even had a HUGE water slide and bounce house- they had a BLAST!

Isaac and Seth are just so lucky to have such great friends all around them. They have already spent hours outside playing pretend with their friends.

I have also had so much fun hanging outside with my Friends. . .
she is my sweetest little friend ever!

We have a membership to our neighborhood pool this summer, and we used it a lot last week. The weather here was SUPER HOT! Jumping in a cool pool felt so good.

With Lake Michigan so close to us, I feel like we can get away to a vacation spot for just a half a day or so. Isaac and Seth love going to the beach at Lake Michigan. We always have to stop and get an Ice Cream Cone at one of the 'Pier Peddler' they have THE BEST ice cream.

Isaac had a camp this week called
'How to become a Pirate in 4 days!'
He was at camp Monday-Thursday from 12:30 pm-3:30 pm.
Each day they did a different Crafts and Games. He had SO much fun!
I am so mad at myself for not taking any pictures of him at his camp, I don't know what I was thinking? I think I was just chasing around Seth, trying to get him to stay with me and not run off. :-)

I am right in the middle of painting my whole house- yes pretty much the whole house!
I will post pictures when I am finished.

Summer time is the Greatest!
We are so grateful for friends like you, who keep up on our blog. We hope that you have a very FUN and RELAXING Summer Time.

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ali said...

is that beach lake michigan?

So not fair!

Looks like you guys are having a great summer!