Sunday, August 2, 2009

Star Wars Play Ball . . .

Star Wars + Baseball = very HAPPY boys

Last night we took the boys to the Grand Rapids 'White Caps' Baseball game.
And it happened to be a
STAR WARS theme night.
Isaac and Seth LOVED seeing and meeting all of the Star Wars characters.

During half time all of the Star Wars Characters went out on the field and played a game. Good against bad with the Star Wars theme music and all.
The boys were loving IT! They are HUGE Star Wars fans.

Notice the rain jackets and long pants. . .
it has been the coolest July on record here in Grand Rapids.

I have actually loved it.
We haven't turned on our air conditioner for awhile now, and just keep our windows open for the cool breeze to come in. Pretty crazy for summer, but really nice.

We were going to stay for the Fireworks after the game, but it started POURING rain!
We all got soaked, which all kind of added to the fun.


Owens Family said...

OH DEAR! I was hoping that this is what summers were always like! I have enjoyed it so much too! I love the pics! What a cute idea with the star wars theme! Thanks for sharing your blog with me!

emilyy said...

Hey I was in GR today. I wish i had more time to come say hi but I was ready to get home. Hopefully we will be back sometime soon.

Jenette said...

Oh my gosh! That is so cool! My boys would have loved that!