Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back To School . . .

Isaac started 1st grade today!
he will now be in school ALL DAY LONG.
8 am until 4 pm. . .that is such a long time.

He is So SUPER Excited!

He could barely stand waiting for the bus to come.
I just hope this enthusiasm will last all through out the school year.

I feel like I was nervous and scared for him. Is the parent supposed to have butterflies in their stomach?

And poor Seth. . .

After we saw Isaac leave on the bus to go to school,
we came inside and Seth fell to the floor.
He then began to cry.
I felt so bad!
He is going to miss having his best friend around.

As we were getting ready to go to the YMCA,
we made silly faces and took pictures of each other.
I was hoping I would make him feel happier. . .

He took this silly picture of me. . .

. . .and that made him happier.
Good to see that smile Seth!

Seth and I will have a fun year together, while Isaac is at school.


ali said...

poor Seth! But a nice break for you! Unless he helped entertain Seth ;)

Denise said...

It really is a long day! I'm sure Seth will really miss him!

Johnson Fam said...

Oh, I see how sad Hailey is when Megan leaves her for a few minutes so I can only imagine how Seth must have felt to watch Isaac leave for school. Hope you guys are doing well, sure miss seeing you every now and then.