Friday, September 11, 2009

Family Golf Day!

Never thought the day would come. . .
when we would go as a FAMILY to a golf course to hit balls.
Our boys are finally old enough to do these fun activities.

Usually I stay at home with baby, while Andy goes.
It was so NICE to all go together.
And so FUN!

We asked Isaac what he wanted to do on Labor Day, his last day of summer.
He told us that he wanted to go GOLFING!
So we took the boys to a golf course right by our house,

Seth got a lefty golf club, and he had a blast hitting the balls.
He did a great job!

Isaac did so good.
He really got into it and enjoyed it.
Wow, we might have a little golfer on our hands.

We have since signed him up for golf classes through his school.
He is very excited to play golf after school this fall.

Seth really wanted me to take his picture on this golf cart,
he thought they were really cool!

Family Golf Day was a Success!


Gwen said...

How fun!!! We love golf too. Can't wait until we can take Riddick. I am sure loving Seth in nursery. He's such a good boy. Thanks for sharing!

ladybug143 said...

So fun! My hubby wants to do that with my daughter some time.