Sunday, January 17, 2010

A STAR WARS PARTY, we had. . .

This week 7 years old, Isaac turned.
With 10 of his friends a STAR WARS party, we had!
Strong with all, the force was.

I had so much fun planning this party! Isaac and all of his friends are REALLY into Star Wars the Clone Wars right now. They all had such a fun time.
Here is what we did:

The invitations looked like this:

7 years ago in a Galaxy
not so far away, A baby boy
was born. His name is Isaac,
and he is strong with the Force.

You have been chosen to join
forces with Isaac and his Jedi,
please make your way to:

Isaac's 7th Birthday party!

I downloaded FREE Star Wars fonts off of the computer and printed the invite off on my computer and then glued them on black cardstock. Isaac then put Star Wars stickers on each one.

When the guest Jedi's arrived. . .
we helped them make their own lightsabers.
Made with long balloons (the twisty animal balloon kind) I bought a pack at the Party store.
Then the handle was the cardboard inside of a toilet roll.
Then kids colored their handle and then we taped them on the balloon.

1st Game:
Don't let the Death Star (black balloons) hit the floor.
They tried to keep all of the black balloons in the air by hitting them with their balloon lightsabers.

2nd Game:
Help Restore Order To the Galaxy!
I bought this game at the party store.
Each child took a turn, blindfolded, they put a big sticker over part of the poster, each part of the poster was worth different points.

Lunch Menu Was:
-Galactic Pizza (Little Caesars)
-Blaster Cheetos
-Jabba Jello Jigulars
-Rookies apple slices
-Yoda Sodas (lime cool-aid with Sprite)

Birthday Boy!

Giant Space Cup Cakes
(made with the giant Wilton cupcake mold, and after I frosted the cupcakes I used food coloring spray to add the blue on top)

Make a Wish Isaac. . .

Game 3:
Concor the DARTH VADOR Pinata!
Each Jedi had a chance to get a good swing at the Darth Vador head until the candy all fell out.

Then on to the Birthday Presents. . .
Isaac wore on his head what was left of the Darth Vador head :-)

While we waited for the parents to come and pick up their Jedi's, most of them played Star Wars downstairs and we also had the Movie "Star Wars, the Clone Wars" playing.

We sent home each Jedi with a goodie bag that included:
-Star Wars stickers
-Star Wars notepad and crayons
-Fruit Roll up
-Glow Sticks
-and all of their collected pinata candy

The Party was a success, and Isaac had such a great time with his friends.
Andy and I took a good nap after the party was all cleaned up, it was a lot of work but totally worth it!


Gabbitas Family said...

You're such a cute mom! What a cute party and what a lot of work!!!

Denise said...

Good for you! It looks like a great party.

ali said...

wow Jess. Where did you get your ideas?

Liz said...

Such a great party idea. And it looks like the boys had a great time (which is the most important part!).

colleensewnsew said...

What a cute party -- Happy Birthday to Isaac!

Stacey and Brody Miller said...

Oh my goodness, that must have been a dream come true for him. What a fun party.

Maggie said...

What a hit! Themed parties always seemed to be more fun.

Lisa L. said...

Wow, what a cool party! You are one awesome mom!


What a great party idea-I'm going to have to steal it one of these days! You always do such cute things with your family, Jessica.