Friday, February 12, 2010

I Love You - Craft Night

This past week my friend and I hosted a craft night for our church.
We taught the ladies how to make these adorable
'I Love You'
Valentine Decorations (they could also be used as a cute Decoration to put in a little girls room).

They are very easy to make and I just loved how they turned out.

If you are interested in making them, you will need:
-3 pieces of wood measurements are about 5 1/2" by 1" board, cut the board in 10" peices
(I got my wood cut at Home Depot)
-Stencils of I, Heart, U (I made my own Stencils from a font I had on my computer and stretched it to give the letter more length)
-Paint (I used light Buttermilk from Americana, dry brush in on the wood very lightly)
-Wood Stain (lightly rubbed on edges)
-Paint brushes (a 2" paint brush, and a sponge brush for stencils)


Tiffany said...

Very Cute, Love the heart with the tulle!~!

Smithies said...

Kamber had a great time.. Thanks

Stacey and Brody Miller said...

So cute. I love the size. They look adorable.


Okay, this is cute, but even though I'm the RS president, I'd feel like I died and gone to Utah heaven if we actually did anything like this in Quebec! Here, doing a craft is almost out of the question because it's so expensive, plus, half of the sisters would probably be wondering what in the world it was for... many are immigrants from other countries and are very poor. Isn't it great how diverse Relief Societies around the world are?