Friday, February 19, 2010

Tooth Time. . .

February is
Dental Health Month!

At the Children's museum here in Grand Rapids they celebrate
Dental Health Month

with a Tooth Fair.

The kids and I went this year with eight of our neighborhood friends.

The kids loved talking with the Cavity Bug, Captain Fluoride, and Gingivitis!

Here is Seth searching for different kinds of teeth in sand box, he found them Molars and all.

Isaac and his friend making beaded necklaces with a tooth holder in the middle of it, to hold your tooth that has fallen out. This way it won't get lost before the Tooth Fairy can come along.

Isaac is getting a picture of his mouth from the Inner Oral Camera.

Seth pretending to be a Dentist. . .he has a great Role Model, his Grandpa.

The boys taking x-rays of their patients mouth.

We all had a FUN time and came home with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and other fun stickers and charts.
I was excited about the free Dental Supplies :-)


emilyy said...

I love looking at your blog to see pictures of my cute nieces. Michelle will have to blog much more when they move away. haha


What a cute idea!


What a cute idea!