Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy 32 Years!

(I am so embarrassed I am very late in posting this)

Last Month
my Sweet Husband,
had his 32nd Birthday!

Isaac, our 7 year old took it upon himself to plan a very fun Birthday 'day' for him.
We got balloons, cake, and went to. . .
Craig's Crusiers!
(a HUGE arcade/indoor race cars/laser tag/ lots of kids kid of place)

We had a great time, especially Isaac and Seth.
However I started feeling a little like the 'tag-a-long' on a guys day out. There was a lot of shooting games, trying to beat each other on racing games, and just guy stuff. And you know what? I think that I am OK with that.

I think that Andy had a good Birthday with the kids.
However, Andy and I did go out the next week end just the two of us to celebrate his Birthday. I really love the times we can just go out the two of us
and actually you know what they call it. . . 'talk' with no distractions.

Happy 32nd Birthday Andy! Love you.

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thepyles7 said...

Happy Birthday to Andy!