Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dreams Do Come True!

BEWARE: Lots and Lots of Star Wars pictures are ahead!

Yes, one of Isaac's dreams has now come true.
His school had a


How cool is that, uh?

He is totally into everything Star Wars right now, if you didn't already know that from the Star Wars Birthday party we had for him.

He was beyond excited to go, and had a count down to the night on his calender.

Since it was just a Father and Son's night, I was not able to go. But I have to be honest with you I really wanted to go. I now know more about Star Wars then I have ever known before OR ever thought that I wanted to know.
Anyways, so I sent along my camera with Andy to document the event. He did a great job and brought home some fun pictures:

Isaac, Andy, and Darth Vador with his real LIGHT-UP Light Saber-very cool!

Ice-Sculpture of R2-D2

I have no idea what the slimy thing is in the background but it looks like something that the boys would think is 'so awesome'.

Obi-Wan Kanobi letting Isaac use his Light Saber.

I am drawing a blank on who the red guy is. He looks scary, must be a bad guy!

Storm Trooper Capt. Rex,
Seth's favorite Star Wars Character.

The book that Issac has is his autograph book. He made it before he went that night and got every single character to sign it. Way to go Isaac!

Desert Trooper

Chewy-Chabacca, he is like a big stuffed animal.

Having a Clone Trooper serve you Pizza and Cake, now that is very cool.

"Luke I am your Father"

Yoda. . .Yoda. . .Yoda

All of the boys went through Jedi Training, and by the end of the night they were all REAL Jedi's!
Isaac's teacher was Obi-Wan.

So yes, Isaac had a VERY hard time going to sleep that night. What a very memorable and fun night for him. I am so glad that Andy was able to share it with him.

May the Force be with you!


lisa (lost pezhead) said...

how cool! evan would love to go to something like that too!

Johnson Fam said...

Oh my gosh, who would not love that Star Wars event! It looked awesome. I think I could have enjoyed it myself. Catching up on your blog as I haven't had much computer time the past little while. Hope you and your family are well.

Catherine said...

Hi Jessica! This looks like it would have been SO fun! If Tyler's school had an event like that, he would have thought he'd died and gone to heaven - seriously! I really think our boys would be best friends if we lived closer!

Maggie said...

how cool is that?!