Thursday, November 3, 2011

Third Grade Class Halloween Party!

This year in Isaac 3rd grade class
I was in charge of the 
Halloween Party!
It was a little tricky doing the party and having Kate and Seth along with me.  I wish we had a grandma near by to watch them.  However, we made it work and the party was a success.

We started off the party with the whole school in their annual Halloween parade!
Here is Isaac with his friends getting ready to parade it, Isaac just cannot smile normally for me he always has to be silly! :-) 

When the kids came back to the classroom we made these cute BATS out of pumpkins.
This bat is the one that Isaac made all my himself.  It made for a great Halloween decoration in our house! 
Here is the link to the directions on how to make them:

For the game we all went out in the hallway outside their classroom.
I divided the kids in two groups.  
I put a strip of tape for the start and turn-around spots.
We then played a Pumpkin Relay Race!
This was such a great game for this age group.  They did very well and really had fun.

After the Relay race we went back into the classroom and put the kids all in groups of 3.  Then gave each group a roll of toilet paper.  When I said GO, they wrapped one member of their group up like a mummy!  They loved it.   
Here is Isaac all wrapped up! 

When games were over, we had snack!
Now in Isaac's class we have MANY FOOD allergies (peanut and milk being the biggest ones).
This made planning the snack very hard.  
I ended up doing Apple slices, Kettlecorn popcorn, and Sprite and Apple juice.  Not the most creative halloween snack, but I honestly had the hardest time finding anything 'fallish' that did not contain any peanuts or milk.  

When snack was done, I read them one of kids Favorite Halloween books
"Where's My Mummy".
Seriously a cute halloween book, the 3rd graders really like it!


Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

you are so cute!! It looks like it turned out perfect!! When are we going to get together...... Miss you

lisa h. said...

Great job!