Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Pinterest - Halloween Style

Just like many of you,
I am addicted to 

I thought it would be fun and a good way for me to actually do these fun ideas I find on Pinterest and to Post about one thing I did from Pinterest once a week.  So, every Thursday I am going post on my blog an idea I got from Pinterest and actually tried. 

Here are a few Ideas I did this last month for

These cute quesadillas were a fun lunch for my kids around Halloween.  They were so EASY to make and my kids really loved them.  

I had so much fun making these bowling pins.
I was in charge of the games at a Church Halloween party, I made these for a pumpkin bowling game.
The kids at the party had a lot of fun with it.
Now my boys keep playing with them.  
They cost me $0 to make.  My friend gave me her empty soda bottles and I already had the paint and black marker.

These turned out so cute!
I had SO MANY compliments on Trick-Or-Treat night.
They were very easy to make and hang up.  I did it all in about an hour!
I used Black poster board to make the bats and they help up really well.
I will for sure do this again next year for Halloween.

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Vanessa said...

Jessica, you are my favorite pinterest friend, don't tell anyone! :)