Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shaping Up!

This weeks Tuesday Tell All is:
Do you workout?
Share with us your routine.
What are your "must have" workout favorites?

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to workout!
I started running every day at the age of 15, and have worked out through both of my pregnancies.
My Workout routine changes in the summer, because of great weather and Isaac being out of school.
In the Fall, Winter, and Spring I am usually training for different races. In the Summer I just try to stay in shape.
So here is my workout routine right now:
(note: this is a good week when no one is sick, and I have every morning free)

Monday: Run outside with boys in Jogging stroller
(Usually 7 miles)
Tuesday: Kickboxing and Pilates at the YMCA
Wednesday: Run outside with boys in Jogging stroller
(usually 5-7 miles)
Thursday: Spinning class and weights at the YMCA
Friday: Run on home treadmill, spinning class at the YMCA
Saturday: Long run outside (usually 9-12 miles)
Sunday: Family walk

These are my Must-have workout favorites:

-Ipod Mini Nano -Dreamer Design Double running stroller -treadmill(in basement)
-Asics GT-2130 running shoe's


Laura said...

Oh boy. You are my hero. I just started running this year to try and loose weight. I ran a 5K and then thought I would like to try for the half, but then when I looked into working out for it and getting ready for it I had second thoughts. Running 30 minutes is all the time I can give to it. I don't know how you do those long runs all the time. I get bored and my kids get antsie.

Your awesome.

Andy & Jessica said...

Well Laura,
this is how I do the long runs:
-when I run on the treadmill, I wake up before the kids are awake and get it done.
-when I have them in the running stroller, to entertain them we will talk together, or I will bring books for them to look at. We also always stop at a park to play.
-my Saturday long run, Andy is home so I go about 7 am by myself or with a friend.

Wat to go on your 5k that is great. A half marathon is a great goal! You could do it:-)

Margo said...

Jes, you are amazing. I wish I liked running as much as you do. I love reading your blog. I can't wait to hear about your blog book. I am working on mine right now. I am super excited. I feel so super bad about missing your birthday. Here we were together the day before. I am a dork. It looked like you had a wonderful day. Your the best...