Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blueberries For Sal

On Friday I read the book,
'Blueberries for Sal', by Robert McCloskey
to Isaac and Seth.
I remember my mom reading this book to me when I was younger. It is such a cute book about a mom and son who go Blueberry picking on a blueberry hill.

We read the book right before we went Blueberry picking with some of our friends.
We all had so much fun picking blueberries. We all tied a rope around our waste with a bucket attached to it.

Isaac and Seth did a great job picking the Blueberries.
Seth started getting bored towards the end, so he started throwing his blueberries on the ground. Oh- well, at least he had fun doing it. :-)

We ended up with 4 pounds of fresh picked blueberries. The best part is that the cost was only $1 a pound. So I paid $4 for 4 pounds of blueberries!

Now I have to figure out what to do with all of them. :-)
I have already put 4 half gallon bags in the freezer. I gave a way a container to a friend. We have made blueberry pancakes. And I am planning on making Blueberry Bars soon(I will post the recipe after I make it).
If you have any suggestions on what I should do with the blueberries or have a good Blueberry recipe please let me know.
This was a great activity to do with kids, they really enjoyed it. I would for sure do it again.


jill s said...

how fun!!

we're going to go this week while my mom is in town! and then we're going to make blueberry jam! :)

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

mmmm, looks so yummy and fresh!!

i had this the other week, it was sooo good!

Michelle Y said...

Blueberry picking was a lot of fun. I'm glad we could all go together. Pass on any great blueberry recipes, I ended up with nearly 7 pounds!

Becky said...

blueberry pie and blueberry jam!

also, i just made blueberry sour cream ice cream friday that i'm posting about tomorrow! it was so good!

nessa said...

looks fun! and wow, that's a great price on those blueberries!