Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Summer Trip to Utah. . .

We just got back home from our Summer trip to Utah. I flew out with the kids for a week then Andy joined us for the following week.
We all had so much fun spending time with family and friends and we already miss them so much. We were very spoiled on our trip here are a few things we did:

Tuesday 22nd:
-Flew out to Utah with Isaac and Seth.
(we were lucky to have our friends, the Yeates, on our same flight)
-After we got to Utah we ate at Bajio Mexican Grill
-Then we went to 7-peaks Water park with my family

Wednesday 23rd:
-Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point
-I Went shopping at Rodworks:-)
-Days of 47' Rodio in Salt Lake City
-Fireworks show from our hotel room

Thursday 24th:
-Days of 47' Parade in Salt Lake City
-Mom Olsen's Surprise Birthday Party

Fri 25th:
-We went ot the Living Planet Aquarium
- Then to the Children's Museum at the Gateway Mall
-I went shopping at Shade Clothing and Downeast Clothing
-Fed the ducks at the park near my parents house

Saturday 26th:
-I picked up Andy from the airport
-Swimming at Andy's parents house
-We went out to dinner and a movie

Sunday 27th:
-Went to church with my family
-Andy and I left the kids with my parents and spent the day and night ALONE in Park City, UT
We had a yummy Dinner at Cisero's on Park City's main street.

Monday 28th:
-Andy and I went out to breakfast at the Easy St. Grill in Park City
-My mom then drove up to Park City with the kids and my two siblings to join us for some fun going down the Alpine Slide.
-Later that night we went to a park near by my parents house and shot off Rockets. The boys loved this :-)

Tuesday 29th:
-We all had Dentist Appointments at my dad's office
-We then ate at Cafe' Rio :-) Yummy!!
-Andy then went Golfing with his dad and brothers

Wednesday 30th:
-We met Andy's mom at the TNI cafe for lunch
-Then we moved all of our stuff over to the Olsen's house for the rest of our stay.
-That night, we rocked out on the Wii Rock Band

Thursday 1st:
-We visited my Grandpa Bushnell and my Grandma (Wiest) Bushnell
-That night we got a babysitter, Thanks Angela:-), and we went up with Andy's family to Ruth's Chris Steak House in Salt Lake City.

Friday 2nd:
-We enjoyed Playing by the Provo River by Andy's parents house
-We then went swimming in their pool
-That night we went out to dinner and then to a movie

Saturday 3rd:
-I went with Andy's mom and sister in law Becky and we got Manicure's and Pedicure's at Juicy Nails at the Riverwood's mall. It was AMAZING:-)
-that night we had a Bon Fire and dinner with the Olsen's in their backyard

Sunday 4th:
-We went to church with Andy's Family
-We then had a big family dinner
-then we visited Grandma and Grandpa Olsen and then said our goodbye's to My family.

Monday 5th:
-We traveled back home to Michigan.

As you can see we were very busy!
It took me so long to write this blog, I am glad that I am done:-)
Thank you to our families for everything!!
We are already looking forward to our next trip to Utah.


Melinda & Matt said...

Glad you had a fun time! Seeing all the fun things you did makes me so jealous! Wish I could have been there!

Liz said...

Wow...looks like you were busy. I'm glad you had a great time, but also glad that you made it back safely. I need to come over sometime and see what you got at rodworks...i'm excited to see (or you could post pictures online...)

Denise said...

looks like a great trip. Fun to see so many family pictures that include you! What a darling family.

Adam and Lisa said...

Sounds busy and fun! We are going to Utah this Saturday - to bad we weren't there the same time!

Becky said...

so fun to have you out here!

and props on finishing this post...i know what a pain they can be with all the pix.

nessa said...

wow, looks like you guys had a lot of fun! i'm especially jealous of the cafe rio!!

melissajlarson said...

First off.. your hair is so cute. I really love that style on you. Looks fun but still easy to do. Great for kids.

I love all of your pictures of your trip. Looks like such a fun time and glad you were able to do a lot of fun activities. I bet the kids enjoyed it. That is a smart plan, to do a 1 week without Andy and then have him join up with you guys so you can have an extended vacation.

We are headed to Utah/Idaho in 4 weeks, so looking at your pics makes me anxious, although we will only be there 6 days and have to visit 3 families in that time frame.

p.s. Glad you got some time with andy w/o kids!

kim said...

looks like a fun trip. Thanks for sharing! Your boys are getting so big!

Margo said...

What a fun trip. There is always so much to do and never enough time. I am sorry that we missed you guys. I will talk to you later. Have fun getting ready for school.